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We provide services to adults with developmental disabilities in west central Maine. Work First Inc. provides support to promote the development of individual's personal growth, social responsibility, independent living, and vocational needs.

We teach skills to increase the likelihood that people with disabilities will develop relationships, increase control over their lives, and acquire positive roles in community life.

Services are provided at job placements in the community, volunteer placements in the community or at the Work First, Inc. facility. Services are developed according to the needs of the individual.
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Community Support

Community Support is defined as a service that helps to increase or maintain one's ability to successfully engage in inclusive social and community relationships and to develop skills that support health and well-being. Many of the individuals volunteer with several organizations in the community such as Seniors Plus, and the Franklin Memorial Hospital. We also offer classes using lesson plans that have been developed by our staff.

Work Support

Work Support is defined as a service to improve an individual's ability to independently maintain productivity and employment. Without work support, many people with developmental disabilities would not have the opportunity to work and earn a pay check.

Individuals receive 1x1 job coaching at the person's place of employment. There are many local businesses in the Farmington area who employ people with developmental disabilities.

Person Centered Planning

Each individual who receives services has a Person Centered Plan (PCP) which identifies needs, celebrates achievements, and provides a plan of action to assist the individual achieve their life goals.

Services are designed to assist the individuals achieve their goals, whether it is to succeed at their job, or learn skills to become more independent.

Career Planning

Career Planning is a service offered through MaineCare. The Person Centered planning process is used to determine the need of this comprehensive direct support provided to an individual with Intellectual Disabilities.

Career planning assists with identifying a career direction and developing a plan for achieving competitive, integrated work opportunities. This service assists in identifying skills, priorities, and capabilities determined through an individualized discovery process.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation is a Department of Labor program that helps people with Intellectual Disabilities find and keep a job. Work First Inc. is an authorized Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP).

●  You must have a disability
●  Need assistance to find or keep a job

Work First will work with individuals to make informed choices about jobs and careers.

The Person Planning process is used to determine the need of this service. Vocational goals will be developed by our community Employment Specialist and the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

The Employment Specialist will work to help determine the individuals abilities, types of jobs to be considered, where an individual is willing to work and live and what transportation is available to pursue a career.

2018 DSP of the Year: Anne LeBlanc